Concierge And Reception Security

Our Concierge and Reception Services provide you with a highly professional service that you can use on a full-time, or ad-hoc basis to supplement your own staff to cover holiday and sickness or through periods of heavy workloads.

Our staff can provide simple meeting and greeting or switchboard call handling – or maintain front of house security, monitoring movements and ensuring that only authorized people gain entry in a friendly but authoritative manner.

In any business, first impressions are vital. They have a long lasting influence on the way people view the whole company. We ensure that the reception area is warm, welcoming and friendly, your visitors will feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment they walk through the door. It’s not just about looking smart and being efficient but also having a professional approach to make people feel at ease and reassured about your organisation.

Fully Managed Concierge Services for You

First impressions count and it is usually the concierge and reception security staff at your company that provide that all important first contact with the customer.

The staff at ZAMFM Security pride themselves in creating a welcoming, safe atmosphere along with the ultimate customer service.

  • We can provide a fully managed reception or concierge service full-time or cover for sickness and annual leave period
  • Our staff are fully vetted and accredited
  • Our staff can wear your uniform