6 Top Crime Hotspots in Manchester Revealed

6 Top Crime Hotspots in Manchester Revealed

Renowned as the “Capital of the North”, Manchester is a vibrant metropolitan city brimming with history, culture, and entertainment. However, akin to its southern counterpart, the city has garnered a reputation for being one of the most perilous in the United Kingdom.

The Greater Manchester Police receives approximately 200,000 reports of criminal activities annually, with several areas within the city centre standing out as particularly notorious crime hotspots. If you reside in Manchester or frequent the city on a regular basis, you’re likely to have certain areas in mind. However, if you’re visiting this wonderful city for the first time, you may be more susceptible to falling victim to crime. At ZAM FM Ltd, ensuring safety and security is their paramount concern. To that end, they have meticulously analyzed the crime statistics and compiled a comprehensive list of Manchester’s crime hotspots. While these areas undoubtedly possess more than just a reputation for crime, it is surely reasonable to practice wariness and play it safe while branching out into the downtown area.

Commercial District

Encompassing the Arndale Center, King Street, and Deansgate precincts, the central business district stands as Manchester’s nucleus for commercial and retail enterprises. However, these upscale establishments and substantial pedestrian traffic also attract criminal elements. Strikingly, the Focal Business Region saw the biggest number of revealed offenses in Manchester downtown area during 2018-19, including a stunning 805 brutal occurrences, 258 robberies, 4,469 burglaries, 319 burglaries, and 228 public request offenses. Alarmingly, 21 attempted murders were also reported in the area.

Northern Quarter

Celebrated for its bars, eateries, and retail shops, one of Manchester’s trendiest and most fashionable areas conceals a dark underbelly; The Quarters had the highest number of reported burglaries across the entire city center, with an average of one burglary occurring, predictably in 2019. With 885 events of robbery and 71 cases of burglaries, keeping away from possible gamble to get property and assets is of essential importance for associations and individuals around here.

Gay Village

Manchester’s Gay Village is renowned for its energetic nightlife, and with its clubs, bars, and cafés, it is often the go-to destination for a night out. Sadly, however, it is also one of the city’s crime hotspots, particularly for rape and rough wrongdoing. In 2018 and 2019 alone, there were 481 reports of vicious wrongdoings in the Gay Village, with offenses going from normal attack to the most serious orders.

Piccadilly Gardens

Envisioned as Manchester’s verdant oasis, this locale has garnered an infamous reputation for criminal and antisocial conduct. The square appears to be a magnet for gang-related violence, witnessing a staggering 90 incidents of affray (group fighting in public spaces) in 2019 alone – more than any other area in the city. Over a twelve-month period, a total of 484 violent incidents transpired in Piccadilly Gardens, rendering it a crime hotspot for violent offenses and assaults – an area best circumvented at night and when unaccompanied.


Perhaps the most egregious hotspot on our list for antisocial behavior, Manchester City Council resorted to employing private security to aid in patrolling this area of Manchester. This move was part of the council’s strategy to combat violent crime, anti-social behavior, and drug dealing that have been adversely impacting business owners and residents for years. More than a year time frame, Chinatown saw 132 savage occurrences, 40 robberies, 394 burglaries, 63 thefts, and 56 public request offenses.


While Castlefield boasts a relatively low crime rate compared to some of the areas mentioned, it stands as one of the few predominantly residential areas to make the list of our top crime hotspots. In 2019, there were 40 reports of thievery, 318 of burglary, and 38 of theft nearby, as well as 101 occurrences of savagery. Additionally, a spate of muggings in the area instilled such fear in residents that they instituted a ‘buddy’ scheme when commuting to and from work.

ZAM FM Top Tips for Staying Safe in City Centres

Be aware of your surroundings

Criminals operating in city centers are largely opportunists. There exists a huge pool of expected casualties to browse, and incalculable chances to strike; whether that includes making the most of enormous groups, open windows, or unpracticed sightseers. To safeguard yourself and your belongings from opportunistic crimes, ensure you remain vigilant of your surroundings and alert to situations that seem amiss. Engaging in activities such as settling on decisions, messaging, or standing by listening to earphones can debilitate your general mindfulness and leave you defenseless against pickpocketing or robbing. Similarly, alcohol and drugs can also reduce your inhibition and reaction times, rendering you vulnerable and at a greater risk of crime.

Be assertive and move with purpose

As the old adage goes, “fake it until you make it.” Regardless of whether you’re new to the city or there as a guest, guarantee you explore the roads of Manchester with the certainty and decisiveness of a neighborhood. This includes having a strategy and realizing your objective prior to venturing out onto the road, so you show up in charge and less powerless.

Stick together

There is strength in numbers, so it is advisable to remain together with your friends or group, ensuring you collectively agree upon a plan of action and a contingency plan in case you become separated. Avoid secluded backstreets and adhere to popular routes and well-illuminated areas, especially if walking alone at night (which is not recommended, particularly in the areas mentioned).

Watch out for drive-by robberies

One of the newest tactics employed by criminals, drive-by robberies often involve two-wheeled vehicles such as bicycles or motorcycles. If you’re walking close to the sidewalk, these vehicles can approach close enough to snatch bags/property and swiftly flee. To mitigate this risk, when walking on the sidewalk, always face oncoming traffic and remain vigilant for anyone attempting to approach you head-on.

Conceal valuables

To prevent hoodlums from targeting you, keep your valuable items, such as mobile devices, expensive headphones, and fancy jewelry, concealed and out of sight when traversing the streets of Manchester. If you’re using a new iPhone 12, an opportunistic criminal may notice it and covet it for themselves.

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