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Waking watch and Fire Marshals

We blend expertise and vigilance to orchestrate unparalleled fire safety. Our skilled marshals ensure your space is safeguarded, conducting thorough patrols and rapid response to protect against fire risks.



Fire safety is a complex concern that requires a delicate and nuanced approach. Fires are unpredictable and cannot be controlled by standard safety measures alone. A comprehensive plan is required to ensure safety beyond the ordinary. At Waking Watch Fire Services, we strive to become like symphony conductors, coordinating every aspect of fire safety in your space. With our watchful eyes in every corner, patrols act as harmonies and plans as notes, we create a masterpiece dedicated to protecting your space. We take the meticulous craft of ensuring your space remains untouched by flames very seriously.

In the world of A Waking Watch, we have highly trained fire marshals who act as vigilant custodians. They patrol both the interior and exterior of your building to detect fires, sound the alarm and facilitate a quick evacuation process.




What we provide

At ZAM Facilities Management, we offer more than just what’s stated above. Our top priority is to ensure that a waking watch service is established according to the NFCC guidelines. To achieve this, we work closely with building owners, landlords, and managers to implement a fire strategy in residential and commercial properties where safety concerns may arise, such as issues with unsafe exterior cladding and faulty fire alarm systems.

No matter how big or small your residential property is, we can provide dedicated fire watch officers who will minimise any potential fire risks on your premises. Our staff uses the latest technology and follows strict fire safety procedures to ensure that you and your residents have peace of mind while work is being done to enhance your residential property’s safety.

  • Waking Watch Patrols
  • Early Fire Detection
  • Evacuation Planning
  • Tailored Safety Assessments
  • Proactive Hotspot Monitoring

Why choose us

We specialise in providing fire watch and warden services that ensure your commercial property’s and its occupants’ safety. Our comprehensive approach to fire prevention, detection, and evacuation guarantees that your property complies with current fire safety legislation and regulations.

Our team of fire safety experts has extensive experience in various industries, including private and public spaces, as well as construction sites. With over 10 years of experience in providing fire safety services across the UK, you can trust ZAM Facilities Management to keep your property and people safe.

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