6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Patrol Security Service

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Patrol Security Service

As the sun sets and you lock up your premises for the night, the need for peace of mind becomes paramount. You want assurance that when you return, your property will be untouched, free from the distressing aftermath of nocturnal incidents.

In a world where targeted theft and senseless vandalism loom as constant threats to your enterprise, it’s imperative to have a security solution in place that aligns perfectly with your requirements. This solution should stand as a stalwart guardian, shielding your personnel, property, and valuable assets from potential harm.

The Compelling Case for Mobile Patrol Services

Static security personnel excel at monitoring entry and exit points. However, in today’s landscape, criminals are evolving, employing increasingly sophisticated methods. They often go to extreme measures to gain access to your valuables. To counter this, you need a security strategy that encompasses your entire property or site, particularly if you’re tasked with safeguarding a sprawling open area or a cluster of buildings.

By enlisting a mobile patrol service to protect your business, you can rest assured that there’s no corner where malefactors can lurk undetected. Security officers will traverse your entire premises, ensuring that any intruders or wrongdoers are swiftly spotted, reported, and dealt with, nipping potential crises in the bud.

Navigating the Decision: Choosing the Right Mobile Patrol Service

As with any critical business decision, selecting the appropriate mobile patrol service involves careful consideration of numerous factors. At ZAM FM, we deeply understand the significance of finding the perfect service from the ideal provider. It’s this understanding that has led us to compile a list of the six most crucial aspects you should weigh when seeking a mobile patrol service.

1) Licensing and Accreditation

Regardless of the type of security you require, it’s crucial to verify that your chosen provider possesses the appropriate licensing and qualifications. This rule extends to mobile security services. To lawfully engage in ‘licensable’ activities, professional security personnel must hold a valid SIA licence. The SIA, or Security Industry Authority, is the regulatory body tasked with overseeing the private security sector.

Inadvertently selecting an unreliable or untrustworthy security provider could expose your property and people to unnecessary risks. Their guards may lack the essential training or qualifications needed to safeguard your business and themselves while on duty. When searching for a mobile security provider, it’s imperative to scrutinize their licences and memberships. At the very least, they should be SIA approved. Additional accolades, such as ACS Pacesetter approval, can further reassure you that you’re dealing with a reputable company.

2) Patrol Modes: On-Foot or Vehicle

Every property or site comes with its unique set of security challenges. A universal approach to security rarely proves effective. The scale and nature of the mobile patrol service your business requires will hinge on a variety of factors, including:

  • The expanse of your site
  • The number of structures requiring monitoring
  • The risk level of your site, e.g., construction or rail environments
  • The necessity for indoor/outdoor patrols

On-foot mobile security will be more suitable for smaller enterprises that primarily require indoor patrols, possibly with minimal outdoor coverage. In contrast, larger outdoor areas, such as industrial complexes or construction sites, may necessitate a patrol vehicle to cover ground efficiently.

While it’s beneficial to ponder this aspect yourself, your security provider should also be capable of conducting an assessment of your business to determine the most effective security strategy tailored to your needs.

3) Fully Branded Security Personnel

The presence of properly branded uniforms and patrol vehicles is not merely a hallmark of quality and professionalism; it can also serve as a potent deterrent to criminals eyeing your property. Most intruders are in search of an easy mark. In essence, they’re scouting for an unprotected and vacant business.

By ensuring your patrol guards don identifiable security attire, coupled with a branded vehicle, you send a clear message to potential criminals that your business is under professional protection. It’s also prudent to display your security company’s signage prominently around your site to further underscore this point.

Furthermore, a distinctive uniform for your security staff eliminates the risk of mistaken identity, preventing criminals from impersonating security personnel to gain unauthorized access to your business and its valuable assets.

4) Documentation and Reporting Protocols

When you secure your business premises for the night,you want the inner serenity that comes from knowing your property and resources are defended. This, after all, is the primary reason for hiring professional security. However, it’s important to note that even with security measures in place, criminals and intruders may still attempt to target your business.

When evaluating a mobile patrol service, it’s crucial to inquire about their methods for reporting and recording security incidents or breaches. Some firms rely on paper records, while others employ online or automated systems. Asking about the manner and timing of security report transmission to you can help identify a responsive and communicative security provider.

5) Support for Clients and Officers

While it’s paramount to ensure that the on-site officers protecting your business are of the highest caliber, you should also seek a mobile patrol provider that offers robust operational support and maintains a dedicated client relations team.

For any security company to function efficiently, a strong back-office team is indispensable. They bear the responsibility of deploying your mobile patrol guards and ensuring shift coverage when necessary. Furthermore, you’ll need a security supplier that lays out clear lines of correspondence with bosses or directors. This way, you’ll always have the right number to call should any issues arise on your end.

6) Monitoring Guard Activity

When enlisting the services of a professional security firm, you anticipate a level of service that reflects their expertise. You desire the assurance that your mobile patrol officers will diligently survey your business premises for any signs of criminal activity or unauthorized entry, and that they will remain vigilant throughout their shift, never succumbing to drowsiness while on duty.

A reputable mobile security provider will:

  1. Thoroughly screen their potential employees during the recruitment process
  2. Maintain regular communication with their on-site guards throughout the duration of their shift.

This is where the importance of a robust control room becomes evident. The majority of security companies will have protocols in place for tracking and monitoring their staff’s activities while they are stationed at your location. It is crucial that you inquire about this aspect of their service when evaluating potential security firms.

Are You in Search of Professional Mobile Patrol Services?

If your answer is affirmative, then ZAM FM should be your prime consideration. We customize our mobile patrol services to align with your business’s unique requirements, ensuring that you receive the level of protection you need, precisely when you need it. Our team is prepared to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your business, devising a thorough strategy to safeguard your personnel, assets, and property.

Utilizing the insights from our initial assessment, we can ascertain:

  • The primary security challenges inherent to your location
  • The optimal number of officers required for your needs
  • Whether foot patrols, vehicle patrols, or a combination of both would be most effective
  • If your business would benefit from CCTV installation or enhancements to your existing system
  • Whether your security needs mandate 24/7 coverage or if night patrols would suffice

To explore how we can assist in fortifying your business with our mobile patrol services, we encourage you to reach out to the ZAM FM team today.

Why Opt for ZAM FM?

We are cognizant of the fact that the security industry is replete with numerous service providers. Here are the reasons we believe you should select us:

  • Tailored Solutions:- We perceive that every business has remarkable security necessities. It is for this reason that we consistently offer a bespoke security plan designed to protect your specific business needs.
  • SIA Licensed Officers:- At ZAM FM, we make it our priority to ensure that every one of our guards and officers holds a complete and valid SIA licence. This commitment allows you to rely on us to provide highly trained security personnel and deliver a service that exceeds expectations.
  • Accredited Experts:- ZAM FM is positioned within the top 1% of all SIA security providers and has received approval from ACS pacesetters. This recognition serves as a testament to our status as a trusted and reputable provider within our industry.
  • Nationwide Coverage:- We have the capability to extend our comprehensive array of security services across the entirety of the UK. This means that regardless of your geographical location within the country, you can avail yourself of a ZAM FM solution.

ZAM FM Ltd stands as a preeminent cross-industry corporate services company, offering professional and all-encompassing security solutions and electronic systems to businesses throughout the UK.

To gain further insight into how ZAM FM can bolster your business and its operations, we encourage you to make contact with us today.

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