Burglar's Actions Leave Lasting Trauma for Victim's Daughter Despite Car Recovery

Burglar’s Actions Leave Lasting Trauma for Victim’s Daughter Despite Car Recovery

BURY, Greater Manchester (Crime Desk) – A father whose car was stolen during a nighttime burglary at his home has spoken out about the lasting emotional impact the crime has had on his young daughter, despite efforts by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) to solve the case.

The incident occurred in August when a thief broke into the man’s residence in the early hours, snatched his car keys, and drove off with his white Audi A3, along with a Bruce Springsteen CD that was in the vehicle’s player.

While the stolen car, valued at around £14,000, was never recovered and was likely dismantled at a chop shop, the real damage, according to the victim, was the trauma inflicted upon his daughter who had been asleep during the burglary.

“My daughter was so traumatized she was unable to be in the house alone for the next 12 months,” the father told reporters. “Even now, she will put the latch on the front door. That is what continually triggers my anger – what that lowlife did to my girl.”

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The victim, who requested anonymity, expressed relief that neither he nor his family members had confronted the burglar, averting potential violence. However, the psychological scars left on his daughter continue to haunt the family.

While GMP officers were sympathetic and offered advice on bolstering home security, the case highlights the broader issue of burglary being perceived as a low-priority crime by police forces across England and Wales.

Recent Home Office data analyzed by the Daily Telegraph revealed that nearly half of all neighborhoods in England and Wales have not seen a single burglary solved in the past three years, prompting concerns about the decriminalization of this offense.

In Greater Manchester, however, GMP appears to be making strides, with 7.5 percent of reported burglaries resulting in charges, up from a mere 3.7 percent two years ago. Nonetheless, the region still averages 1,039 burglaries per month.

The victim’s experience underscores the urgent need for swifter action from law enforcement and the judicial system to address burglaries and their far-reaching consequences on victims and their families.

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