Court Upholds Decision to Withdraw Prince Harry's UK Security Detail

Court Upholds Decision to Withdraw Prince Harry’s UK Security Detail

In a ruling on Wednesday, a London judge upheld the decision to withdraw Prince Harry’s publicly funded security detail during his visits to the UK following his departure from royal duties and relocation to the United States.

Justice Peter Lane, presiding in the High Court, declared that the provision of security to Prince Harry on a case-by-case basis was lawful, rational, and justified.

Prince Harry, formerly a working member of the royal family, had voiced concerns about the safety of himself and his family during visits to the UK due to social media hostility and media scrutiny. His legal team argued that the evaluation of his security needs by government officials was irrational and failed to adhere to established policies requiring a risk assessment.

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Contrary to Prince Harry’s claims, a government lawyer asserted that he had been treated fairly, highlighting instances where security detail was provided, such as an incident in June 2021 when he was pursued by photographers after attending an event in London.

The decision-making committee took into account the broader implications of potential threats, considering the historical context of Princess Diana’s tragic death and the public outcry it caused. Attorney James Eadie emphasized the potential public upset should an attack on Prince Harry occur.

Prince Harry, known for challenging both the government and tabloids in court, has pursued multiple legal actions, including cases related to his security arrangements and allegations of phone hacking by tabloid publishers.

Despite winning a significant victory against a tabloid publisher over phone hacking allegations, Prince Harry recently withdrew a libel case against another publication after a judge deemed the claims against him to be an “honest opinion.”

Additionally, Prince Harry’s attempt to privately pay for London police protection was denied by a judge last year, with the government arguing against the use of public resources as private security for wealthy individuals.

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