Hospital Security Guards Caught on Camera after horrific incident

Hospital Security Guards Caught on Camera after horrific incident

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – In a shocking display of abuse of power, security guards at North Manchester General Hospital were caught on their own body cameras viciously assaulting a vulnerable patient who had been admitted after a suicide attempt. The disturbing incident has raised serious concerns about the safety and well-being of patients under the care of those entrusted with their protection.

The incident unfolded in the early hours of January 25, 2022, when the 43-year-old victim, who had been brought to the hospital after taking an overdose, was left alone in a cubicle with four security guards. According to prosecutors at Manchester Crown Court, the guards were called in to assist with the man, who had become “difficult to manage” as he kept getting out of bed.

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However, over the course of an hour, between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m., three of the male security staff – Abdul Saleem, 36, Owa Darling, 55, and Benjamin Monese, 39 – launched a vicious assault on the defenseless patient. The court heard that the man was hit over the head 46 times, slapped, had his hair pulled, and had his arms placed in painful restraint positions.

Shockingly, the entire attack was captured on the guards’ own body-worn cameras, which they had failed to turn off despite being “concerned” about the incident being recorded.

In a harrowing victim impact statement read in court, the man described feeling “vulnerable” and unable to defend himself during the assault. “After the attack, I was covered in bruises,” he said, adding that he suffered excruciating pain from a bent toe for months after the incident.

“I’m also frightened of being in hospital since the attack. I feel I have lost all trust and confidence in people of positions of trust and authority,” the victim stated, emphasizing the profound psychological impact of the ordeal.

Judge Kate Cornell condemned the actions of the security guards, describing the episode as a “shocking display of abuse of power.” “He should have been safe, but instead he was subjected to prolonged and persistent abuse when he was vulnerable, and supposedly in a place of safety,” the judge said, stressing that the victim did not require restraint.

Saleem and Darling pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm, while Monese admitted to common assault. The fourth guard present during the incident was not charged.

While the judge acknowledged that a custodial sentence would typically be warranted, she ultimately handed Saleem and Darling 18-month community orders, along with 250 hours of unpaid work, rehabilitation activity requirements, and curfews. They were also ordered to pay the victim £500 in compensation. Monese had previously received a 12-month community order from magistrates.

In the aftermath of the shocking incident, Samira Choudhry, Senior Crown Prosecutor for CPS North West, emphasized the breach of trust committed by the security guards. “Everyone has the right to go about their daily lives without fear of violence,” Choudhry said, expressing hope that the victim can begin to move on with his life following the conclusion of the case.

The incident has raised serious questions about the training, oversight, and accountability measures in place for security personnel tasked with ensuring the safety and well-being of patients in healthcare settings.

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