Labour MP Kate Osamor Suspended Over Controversial Gaza Comments on Holocaust Memorial Day

Labour MP Kate Osamor Suspended Over Controversial Gaza Comments on Holocaust Memorial Day

LONDON, 29 Jan: Labour MP Kate Osamor has been suspended from the party after claiming the conflict in Gaza should be remembered as a genocide on Holocaust Memorial Day.

The MP for Edmonton in North London is set to meet party whips on Monday after apologizing for the message she shared with party members on the eve of the day commemorating the murder of 6 million Jews during World War II.

In the message, Osamor said while the Holocaust should be remembered, other genocides including Gaza should also be recalled. She also posted a photo of herself signing the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Westminster memorial book.

Osamor stated there was an “international duty” to remember Holocaust victims and “more recent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and now Gaza.”

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She later tweeted an apology saying she did not intend to cause offense by referencing Gaza and recognizing the uniqueness of the Holocaust.

Shadow Business Secretary Jonathan Reynolds confirmed Osamor met the chief whip about her remarks and more discussions are scheduled this week. He reiterated that the humanitarian crisis in Gaza is recognized but the Holocaust holds special significance.

Reynolds added that the party takes such matters extremely seriously and appropriate action will be taken. Osamor previously served in Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet.

The comments have sparked outrage, with critics accusing Osamor of drawing inappropriate parallels between the Holocaust and the Israel-Palestine conflict. Further disciplinary proceedings are expected following Labour’s zero-tolerance approach to antisemitism.

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