Manchester Airport Offers Travel Tips as Easter Holiday Rush Looms

Manchester Airport Offers Travel Tips as Easter Holiday Rush Looms

Manchester, UK (AP) – With the Easter holidays rapidly approaching, Manchester Airport is bracing for a surge in passenger traffic as hundreds of thousands of travelers prepare to embark on international journeys. The advisory comes on the heels of the airport’s record-breaking February, which saw nearly 2 million passengers pass through its terminals.

Over half of the February travelers were families jetting off to popular sun-soaked destinations like Dubai and Tenerife during the half-term break. Airport authorities anticipate a similar influx of passengers in the coming days leading up to the Easter holiday period.

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In anticipation of the bustling travel season, Manchester Airport has issued helpful guidance to passengers, aiming to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. While acknowledging the presence of factors beyond individual control when traveling, the airport has emphasized the importance of advance planning and adherence to security protocols.

One crucial aspect passengers need to be mindful of is the ongoing liquid restrictions in hand luggage. Despite the gradual rollout of new security scanners at airports across the UK, which will eventually eliminate the 100ml limit on hand luggage liquids, Manchester Airport is not expected to complete the installation of these scanners until next year. Consequently, passengers must continue to abide by the 100ml limit on liquids carried in their hand luggage.

The Government has set a nominal deadline of June 1 for major airports to implement the new liquid screening system, with some airports having already completed the installation process.

Manchester Airport’s tips for passengers:

  • Plan your journey to the airport, taking into account potential delays and utilizing the airport’s excellent rail, tram, bus, and motorway connections.
  • Ensure your baggage meets the weight and size requirements specified by your airline.
  • Arrive at the airport at the time recommended by your airline, typically two hours before your flight or three hours for long-haul destinations. Avoid arriving excessively early to prevent overcrowding.
  • Prepare for security checks by adhering to the 100ml limit on liquids, placing liquids in a clear plastic bag no larger than 20cm x 20cm, wearing easily removable shoes and outerwear, and keeping pockets free of non-essential items.
  • When packing hand luggage, ensure electrical items like laptops are readily accessible for security screening.

With these proactive measures and guidance, Manchester Airport aims to facilitate a streamlined travel experience for passengers during the upcoming Easter holiday rush.

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