Met Office Verdict on Whether Snow Will Fall in Greater Manchester as Temperatures Drop

Met Office Verdict on Whether Snow Will Fall in Greater Manchester as Temperatures Drop

The UK could be hit by further snowfall next week as temperatures fall again, and the Met Office has not ruled out a flurry in Greater Manchester.

The current dry spell is set to continue this week before temperatures plunge below zero from the start of next week, bringing a risk of wintry conditions to Greater Manchester and the rest of the north. The Met Office predicts temperatures of around 5C for the rest of this week before temperatures fall to 3C from Monday, dropping as low as -2C overnight.

Met Office spokesperson Stephen Dixon told the Manchester Evening News that while dry conditions are expected for the rest of this week, there could be some snow on the way next week. However it’s a bit too early to determine how likely it is that snow will hit the region.

He said: “It’ll be a largely cool and dry week for Manchester, with temperatures generally peaking around 5C through much of the week. There’s little in the way of rain or anything wintry this week, but that risk shifts slightly as we look further ahead.

“From Sunday, a northerly airflow will initially introduce some wintry showers to coastal areas in the north of the UK, and while the risk of snow is initially chiefly in Scotland, as we move through next week there’s a chance of some snowfall in the UK, though the details of exactly where are still being pinned down.

“This is because of milder Atlantic air that is likely to move in from the southwest from around the middle of next week. Where this meets the cold air over the UK, there’s a chance of some snowfall for some, but picking out how much and where exactly is still open to some uncertainty. Keep an eye on Met Office forecasts in the coming days as the forecast develops for next week.”

Meanwhile, an amber cold health alert for the north west of England, the Midlands, the south west of England and the south east of England remains in place until noon on Friday. The amber alert, issued by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), means “cold weather impacts are likely to be felt across the whole health service for an extended period of time”.

The lowest daily minimum temperature of this winter so far is -12.5C, recorded at Altnaharra in the Highlands on December 3. But similar temperatures have been felt in northern parts of the UK more recently too. On Tuesday night, the mercury dropped to minus 11.1C at Aviemore in Scotland, which ranks as the ninth coldest night this winter so far.

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