Millions Face Fines Up To £100,000 For Breaking Privacy Laws With Smart Doorbells

Millions Face Fines Up To £100,000 For Breaking Privacy Laws With Smart Doorbells

Millions of UK homeowners with smart doorbells or CCTV could face substantial fines for breaching privacy laws without realizing it, a property expert has cautioned.

Statistics show nearly half of British households have some surveillance system like Ring doorbells or security cameras installed. However, improper use violating legal protocols can lead to penalties of up to £100,000.

While having security systems is not illegal, recording beyond your property boundary like pavements or a neighbor’s garden requires complying with data protection regulations, explained. Non-compliance can prompt legal action from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) or affected individuals.
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Experts outline key steps to avoid violations:

  • Install clear signage indicating recording is happening, as covert filming is prohibited even on private property. Signs are also a crime deterrent.
  • Act responsibly to protect others’ privacy and avoid complaints.
  • Notify neighbors and others within CCTV range about the recording.

The warnings highlight how technology like smart doorbells can improve safety but require thoughtful application to respect privacy rights. Following the guidelines can help homeowners avoid potentially massive fines.

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