Re-election of Trump could threaten UK security, warns ex-MI6 chief

Re-election of Trump Could Threaten UK Security, Warns Ex-MI6 Chief

London – A former head of MI6 has cautioned that Donald Trump’s potential re-election could pose a threat to Britain’s national security.

Sir Richard Dearlove stated that the controversial politician returning to the White House could be “problematic” for the UK, potentially damaging the “Atlantic Alliance.” He made the remarks during an appearance on Sky News’ Sunday Morning with Trevor Phillips.

This comes after Mr Trump confirmed his intention to become the Republican frontrunner in the US presidential race later this year. Sir Richard, who led MI6 between 1999-2004, discussed the biggest threats facing the UK in 2024 on Sky News.

“From an intelligence perspective, the two things we need to worry about are, obviously, Ukraine and what China’s long-term behaviour globally is going to be, particularly in relation to Taiwan and how threatening China is to Western interests,” he said.

Sir Richard continued: “You have to add a political threat, which I’m worried about, which is Trump’s re-election, which I think for the UK’s national security is problematic because if Trump, as it were, acts hastily and damages the Atlantic Alliance, that is a big deal for the UK.”

“We’ve put all our eggs in defence terms in the Nato basket. If Trump really is serious about, as it were, changing the balance, I mean, the American nuclear umbrella for Europe is, in my view, essential to Europe’s security and defence.”

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