Rent Hikes, Evictions Feared as Scotland's Emergency Tenant Protections Expire

Rent Hikes, Evictions Feared as Scotland’s Emergency Tenant Protections Expire

EDINBURGH, Scotland – Private tenants in Scotland face substantial rent increases and mass evictions as emergency protections expire on 31 March, campaigners warn.

Groups like Living Rent say some tenants received notices for 30-60% rent hikes from April, despite a 3-month notice period. Many also risk eviction if unable to afford the rises.

The SNP government introduced a 3% rent cap and eviction ban last September amid the cost crisis. But the temporary measures end next month before permanent controls in a new housing bill likely take effect this summer.

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Living Rent says the stopgap adjudication process for disputing rises is inadequate and confusing. Tenants already have poor experiences with it.

Meanwhile, the housing bill faces significant opposition from landlord groups who previously challenged the rent cap in court.

Campaigners want strong permanent controls and a mechanism to reduce rents, similar to London’s proposed policy. With rents up 80% in a decade in cities like Glasgow, they argue reversal is key for affordability.

Housing experts say Scotland leads UK with such protections but must enact them before the cost crisis pushes more tenants into poverty. Retroactive policies may be essential to provide relief from spiralling rents.

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