Security guard Jailed for Catastrophic Punch During Bar Eviction in Liverpool

Security guard Jailed for Catastrophic Punch During Bar Eviction in Liverpool

A former off-duty security guard, Craig Lamarque, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for inflicting grievous bodily harm during a violent altercation outside a bar in Liverpool’s city center.

The incident took place on December 3, 2021, outside Woody’s Sports and Karaoke Bar on Wood Street, where Lamarque, 35, struck a stag party member with a single punch, rendering him unconscious and causing severe head injuries.

According to court proceedings, the victim, who was visiting Liverpool for a stag weekend from Scotland, had been removed from the bar due to disruptive behavior. Initially, Lamarque was believed to have intervened as a peacemaker, but he proceeded to punch the “completely defenceless” man in the face.

The forceful blow caused the victim to fall backward, hitting his head on the ground. He sustained a fractured skull, a 4 to 5cm cut on the back of his head, bleeding and bruising on the brain, and a fractured left eye socket.

Members of the public, including two off-duty nurses, rushed to provide aid to the unconscious victim, who was then transported to the hospital.

During the court hearing, a statement from the victim was read, describing how the incident had “completely changed” his life. He spent eight days in the hospital, was unable to eat for four weeks, and underwent a year of rehabilitation. The self-employed man was also forced to lay off employees and incurred significant financial losses due to his prolonged absence from work.

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Lamarque, a father of two from Bootle, initially denied being the assailant but was convicted by a jury following a trial.

In her defense, Bernice Campbell stated that Lamarque had attempted to de-escalate the situation and acted “in the heat of the moment,” expressing remorse for the harm caused to the victim.

Sentencing Lamarque, Judge David Potter emphasized the severity of the consequences resulting from a single punch, describing them as “catastrophic.” He acknowledged Lamarque’s previously good character but highlighted the life-changing impact the injury had on the victim.

The case serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers of violence and the devastating consequences that can arise from a single act of aggression.

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