Met Office Cautions of 'Arctic Blast' Approaching Greater Manchester

Snow Alert: Met Office Cautions of ‘Arctic Blast’ Approaching Greater Manchester

London, UK – Forecasters predict cloudy conditions in Greater Manchester over the next few days before an Arctic blast hits the UK.

Following a cold snap, it will feel slightly warmer in the region over coming days with temperatures rising to around 7C. Met Office forecasters predict cloudy, overcast conditions through the weekend.

But from Sunday into Monday, the mercury is set to plunge again to freezing – with forecasters predicting sub-zero figures overnight and early morning. It will feel as cold as -4C in the early hours, per forecasts.

A UK Health Security Agency amber cold weather alert remains active for the region until noon Friday. It indicates ‘cold weather impacts are likely across the health service for an extended period’.

Snow has already fallen in parts of the UK this week, with the Met Office warning of ‘ingredients’ for more next week amid below average temperatures.

Met Office’s Aidan McGivern said: “A cold front from the north towards the weekend will mark another airmass change, from Atlantic influence to air directly from the Arctic.”

He added: “We start with a northerly flow and snow showers, especially near northern coasts. But brighter skies for some too. Then, from midweek, low pressure tries to move in from the southwest – impact still uncertain. Different models differ on the low’s track, but you have ingredients for snow with cold air in place and extra Atlantic moisture, which will bring rain, but snow on the boundary with the cold air.”

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