Supermarkets Face £100 Trolley Retrieval Charge

Supermarkets Face £100 Trolley Retrieval Charge

Bolton – Supermarkets could be charged up to £100 to collect each abandoned shopping trolley under plans proposed by Bolton Council.

The council is consulting the public and retailers on tackling dumped trolleys blighting public spaces and posing safety risks.

Authorities can impose seizure, storage and disposal fees under the Clean Neighbourhoods Act 2005.

Proposed charges are £5 daily storage, £50 initial collection, and £100 return per trolley.

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The fines aim to give supermarkets a financial incentive to prevent trolleys being removed and dumped.

Councillor Richard Silvester said: “Abandoned trolleys are an eyesore, damaging to the environment and attract further fly-tipping.”

“Ideally we want retailers to be proactive with trolley security to tackle this. However, these powers would help us deal with the trolleys hampering our commitment to a cleaner, greener Bolton.”

The council invites public and retailer views ahead of deciding whether to enact the changes.

Local retailers can join a voluntary scheme where they collect dumped trolleys within a day of notification.

Those not participating, or failing to meet the deadline, would face charges under national law.

The council believes a voluntary system would help work with responsible retailers to reduce abandoned and unclaimed trolleys.

The consultation closes on Tuesday 12 March.

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