What activities can you do on Christmas?

What activities can you do on Christmas?

Christmas, a season of twinkling lights, joyful melodies, and heartfelt traditions, is upon us. It’s when magic fills the air and hearts brim with the spirit of togetherness. At Zam Facilities Management, we cherish these moments of celebration and warmth. In this blog, we invite you to explore various activities that promise to make your Christmas merry and bright, no matter your age or interests.

Enchanting Christmas Eve

Festive Movie Marathon:

Nothing sets the mood for Christmas Eve like a festive movie marathon. From the timeless charm of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ to the hilarious escapades in ‘Home Alone’, each movie brings its unique brand of holiday cheer. Transform your living room into a cosy cinema. Lay out plush blankets, dim the lights, and prepare a spread of classic movie snacks – popcorn, hot chocolate, and gingerbread cookies.

Baking and Decorating Christmas Cookies:

Baking cookies is a delightful way to spread the festive spirit. Share the joy with your family as you bake and decorate cookies together. Try recipes like sugar cookies or gingerbread, and let your creativity shine with icing and sprinkles. This isn’t just about making treats; it’s about creating sweet memories.

Joyous Christmas Day

A Scenic Winter Walk:

After the excitement of unwrapping gifts in the morning, a scenic winter walk is a perfect way to unwind. Whether you prefer strolling through the snow-covered streets of a bustling city or the tranquil paths of a local park, a gentle walk will allow you to soak in the serene beauty of the season. Just dress warmly and bring a flask of hot cocoa to keep you warm and cosy!

Host a Christmas Quiz:

A Christmas quiz can be a whirlwind of fun and laughter. Cover everything from Christmas history to pop culture. Use online platforms to include distant relatives, turning it into an inclusive, global family event.

Heartwarming Activities at Home

DIY Christmas Crafts:

Crafting is a fantastic way to express your festive creativity. Each project adds a personal touch to your holiday decor, from creating paper snowflakes to knitting cosy Christmas stockings. Gather your materials, find some inspiring tutorials, and craft away!

Virtual Christmas Party:

Can’t be with all your loved ones in person? Host a virtual Christmas party. Set a festive dress code, plan online games, and have a digital gift exchange. It’s about feeling close, even when you’re apart.

Magical Moments for Children

Storytelling Sessions:

Captivate the young with tales of Santa’s adventures or the Nutcracker’s bravery. Storytelling isn’t just about reading; it’s about transporting children to a world of wonder. Make it interactive with questions, enactments, and some costume elements.

Treasure Hunt:

A Christmas-themed treasure hunt is an adventure for kids. Leave clues around the house leading to small presents. Tailor it to different age groups to ensure everyone’s delight and engagement.

Lively Christmas Activities

Carol Singing:

Spread the joy of the season through carol singing. Whether in your living room or a community centre, singing carols is a heartwarming way to unite people. Choose a mix of traditional and modern carols to appeal to all tastes.

Christmas Craft Fair:

Either hosting or visiting a Christmas craft fair can be a joyous experience. It’s a chance to appreciate handmade gifts and decorations, support local artisans, and find unique items.

Additional Tips and Stories

Share personal Christmas stories and traditions, adding a touch of warmth and relatability. Discuss unique decoration ideas, like handmade ornaments or eco-friendly options. Suggest activities that cater to all, from movie nights to baking sessions, ensuring everyone finds their special way to celebrate.


As the Christmas season unfolds, remember the shared moments, the laughter, and the love that truly make it special. Whether trying a new activity or indulging in a time-honoured tradition, these moments become memories that last a lifetime. At Zam Facilities Management, we wish you a season filled with joy, peace, and festive fun.


How Can I Make Christmas Eve Special at Home?

Christmas Eve is perfect for intimate, cosy activities. Consider setting up a hot chocolate bar where everyone can customize their drink and pair this with watching classic Christmas movies. Another idea is to have everyone share their favourite Christmas memory or what they’re most grateful for this year.

What Are Some Unique Christmas Day Activities for Families?

Beyond the traditional gift exchange, families can engage in DIY ornament crafting sessions or a festive scavenger hunt. For something more relaxed, consider a family storytelling time, where each member shares a favourite holiday story or experience.

What Outdoor Activities Can We Enjoy During the Christmas Season?

The festive season offers many outdoor activities, like visiting a Christmas market, ice skating, or walking to see the neighbourhood’s Christmas lights. A winter hike or a family snowball fight can be exhilarating for those who enjoy nature.

How Can We Include Elderly Family Members in Christmas Celebrations?

Incorporate activities that are accessible and enjoyable for elderly family members. This could include listening to classic Christmas carols together, watching old family videos, or involving them in preparing a traditional family recipe. Virtual connections can also be set up for those who can’t join in person.

Do You Have Suggestions for Eco-Friendly Christmas Celebrations?

Absolutely! Opt for reusable or biodegradable decorations, swap out traditional gift wrap for fabric wraps or recycled paper, and consider gifting experiences instead of physical items. Also, try to source your Christmas feast from local suppliers to reduce the carbon footprint.

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