What do Mobile Patrol Security Guards do

What do Mobile Patrol Security Guards do?

While the majority of individuals possess a clear comprehension of the duties performed by static security guards, the daily responsibilities of mobile patrol security officers are less commonly understood. People are frequently taken aback upon discovering the true scope of a mobile patrol security officer’s role – typically because it encompasses far more than they initially anticipate!

Exterior Patrols

It is widely acknowledged that mobile patrol security guards are tasked with the surveillance of outdoor spaces. For entities managing expansive or multiple sites, this presents a highly cost-effective solution. Mobile security officers have the capability to cover significantly larger areas compared to an equivalent number of static security guards, while still providing an impactful visual deterrent and ensuring a swift response to any security-related incidents that may arise.

Utilizing distinctly marked vehicles, mobile patrol security guards navigate the perimeter and interior of your site, enabling them to maintain a vigilant watch over every sector. They pay particular attention to areas deemed hazardous or high-risk. Furthermore, by implementing a combination of random and pre-scheduled checks, these mobile security officers ensure that their patrol patterns do not become predictable, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of their surveillance.

Interior Patrols

In addition to their exterior duties, mobile patrol security officers may also conduct interior patrols of buildings within their designated patrol areas. This responsibility can encompass multiple structures on a single site or several edifices spread across separate locations. The scope of their interior patrols is extensive, involving thorough inspections of properties, verification and maintenance of security systems, ensuring strict adherence to fire safety protocols, elimination of potential hazards, and confirming that no sensitive documents are inadvertently left exposed – all of these tasks fall under the purview of mobile patrol security officers.

Moreover, these officers are charged with the task of compiling both interim and comprehensive incident reports. This documentation provides you with a detailed account of any occurrences, including the precise location and nature of each event, thereby facilitating a thorough understanding of the security landscape within your premises.

Key Holding and Alarm Response

A significant aspect of the mobile patrol security guard’s role involves shielding businesses from unnecessary risks, expenditures, and inconveniences through the provision of key holding and alarm response services. As keyholders, these guards can be summoned at any hour to either secure or grant access to the premises. They are entrusted with the safekeeping of a spare set of keys, typically stored in a secure location away from the premises to mitigate potential risks.

Furthermore, in the event of an alarm activation, mobile security patrol guards are primed to respond with alacrity. Upon arrival, they undertake an assessment to determine the cause of the alarm – whether it’s a false alarm or a genuine security breach. Based on their evaluation, these officers will implement the most appropriate course of action. This may involve resetting the alarm system in case of a false alarm, or in more serious instances, locating and detaining the perpetrator(s) while simultaneously coordinating with emergency services.

Health and Safety & First Aid Trained

Exemplary mobile patrol security guards are equipped with comprehensive training in both health and safety protocols and first aid procedures. This multifaceted skill set empowers them to offer invaluable advice and guidance pertaining to best practices in health and safety. Their expertise encompasses critical areas such as fire safety measures, the formulation of emergency evacuation plans, and the development of robust health and safety strategy plans. Moreover, this training takes on added significance in the unfortunate event of an on-site accident. With mobile patrol security officers possessing first aid certification, immediate assistance is always within reach, potentially mitigating the severity of injuries and ensuring prompt care until professional medical help arrives.

Mobile CCTV

While not a universal offering among security companies, certain mobile security patrol officers have access to state-of-the-art mobile CCTV units. These sophisticated units are equipped with an array of cutting-edge surveillance technologies. The arsenal includes zoom, pan, tilt, and static cameras for comprehensive visual coverage; public address (PA) systems for immediate communication; automatic license plate detection for enhanced vehicle monitoring; and remote monitoring equipment for offsite surveillance. This advanced technological suite enables real-time recording and monitoring of incidents, providing an unparalleled level of situational awareness. The deployment of mobile CCTV units proves particularly advantageous during periods when a physical security presence is unavailable, or for monitoring high-traffic or potentially hazardous areas in real-time, thereby ensuring continuous vigilance and rapid response capabilities.


Mobile patrol security is a versatile, cost-effective solution that goes beyond traditional static guarding. From extensive patrols and rapid alarm responses to health and safety expertise and cutting-edge mobile CCTV, these officers provide comprehensive protection.

ZAM FM Ltd stands as a national leader in the security industry, renowned for its expertise in providing mobile patrol security services, including the deployment of advanced mobile CCTV units. Recognizing the unique security challenges faced by each client, we meticulously tailor our mobile security packages to align precisely with their individual requirements, ensuring bespoke protection for every business we serve.


Q: What is the main advantage of mobile patrol security over static security guards?

A: Mobile patrol security officers can cover larger areas more cost-effectively, providing a visual deterrent and quick response across multiple sites or expansive properties.

Q: Do mobile patrol security officers only handle exterior patrols?

A: No, they also conduct interior patrols, inspecting buildings, maintaining security systems, ensuring fire safety, and handling sensitive documents.

Q: What is the key holding and alarm response service?

A: Mobile security guards hold spare keys securely offsite and respond quickly to alarms, assessing the situation and taking appropriate action, from resetting alarms to detaining intruders.

Q: Are mobile patrol security guards trained in health and safety?

A: Yes, they are trained in health and safety protocols and first aid, providing guidance on safety practices and immediate assistance in case of accidents.

Q: What is mobile CCTV, and how does it enhance security?

A: Mobile CCTV units, equipped with advanced cameras and monitoring tech, allow real-time surveillance, especially useful when no physical security is present or for monitoring high-risk areas.

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