Will it snow next week? Met Office reveals when and where first snow will fall in UK

Will it snow next week? Met Office reveals when and where first snow will fall in UK

The UK, including Greater Manchester, could be hit by snowfall within the coming days, according to forecasters.

The Met Office warned in its latest updates that cold and dry conditions are highly likely to continue throughout the rest of the week. It added that there will be an increased chance of ‘wintry hazards’ from the end of the weekend.

It comes after forecasters confirmed that the UK is currently facing high pressure which, as a result, is bringing colder conditions than is usually expected during this time of year. A ‘northerly air flow’ on Sunday will increase the chances of snowfall next week, especially in northern parts of the UK – with some forecasters predicting that the UK could be hit by the ‘worst snowstorm in 14 years’.

Met Office Head of Situational Awareness Will Lang said: “There will be a resurgence in the really cold weather through the weekend and that spreads across the whole of the UK during the early part of next week. Initially, this means there will be more in the way of showers around the coasts, turning increasingly to snow for many areas, especially further north.”

The Met Office exact weather maps currently extend until Tuesday morning, and across the UK show a band of heavy snow hitting the UK from Monday night. Snow is set to hit north Wales around Wrexham from 6pm, with some snowfall also expected in Cumbria. As Monday evening progresses, the maps show a heavier band of snow will sweep eastwards, covering Manchester, Preston and extending down towards Nottingham.

On Tuesday morning, a heavier amount of snow is set to fall across Lancashire, Cumbria and Yorkshire, covering the UK and extending down into Lincolnshire and Norfolk.

In Greater Manchester itself, the forecasts predict snowfall in parts of Greater Manchester next week, with the first snow set to fall from 9pm on Monday, January 15. On Tuesday, January 16, Manchester is expected to see some snowfall from 6am to 9am.

This will be accompanied by extremely cold temperatures of 0C, however, the feels-like temperature will be even lower at -3C. From 12pm, conditions are expected to settle down significantly with clouds overtaking the snow and temperatures increasing gently to 3C before dropping again in the evening.

Meanwhile, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) still has a yellow and amber cold weather health alert in place for most of England which will remain until tomorrow (January 12).

Tony Wardle, Met Office Deputy Chief Forecaster, said: “There is the potential for some disruptive snow through the middle to latter part of next week as warmer Atlantic air attempts to push in from the southwest. As this occurs, some substantial snow could fall in some places, but the details of that are uncertain at the moment.”

And the Met Office’s long range forecast, from Monday January 15 to Wednesday, January 24, says: “Often cloudy across clearing central and southern areas at first. Thereafter, turning colder from the North, with brisk northerly winds likely developing widely across of the UK, bringing a risk of snow showers, most frequent across the north.

“Temperatures remaining cold, and a marked wind chill especially in the north. There is risk of unsettled weather pushing in from the south through this period, which could lead to a band of snow and sleet where it meets the colder air across the country.

“Confidence is low with regards the timing of the arrival of any such disturbance, but there is an increasing risk of something potentially disruptive at some point in this period. Widespread frosts continue to be a feature by night, with a risk of ice in places.”

And the Met Office has said there will be a continuing risk of snow into early February. ZamFM provides the best security guarding services to keep people safe during harsh weather conditions.

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